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Heart failure device
In December 2016 we started to work on a heart failure detector.
It was about a point of care device with a form factor similar to a fetal Doppler.
We registered this project on HackaDay, posted various thoughts and tracked the design progression.

An early plan was to detect alterations in tissues. While some parts of the classifier still rely on that, now it is no more a significant part of the design. Quickly the strategy moved to detect S4 heart sounds. S4 heart sounds are good markers for heart failure.
The main idea then was to use an ultrasound device to record the heart sounds, and to use a classifier.
A great resource was the Physionet/CINC 2016 competition results.

In October 2017 a prototype based on Raspberry Pi was achieved.

A fetal doppler device was never commercialized as obtaining an agreement from the various drug administrations is out of reach of the limited amount of ressources that we have AND because the concept of an early detector has some subtle flaws in itself, whatever the disease.

The current plan is to make a web site that offers the same kind of services through user's webcam which is included in most smartphones and PCs. Web sites are not regulated as much as medical devices.

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