Important articles

  • If you are ill of ALS, you may want to read this little guide (in French) on home adjustments and possible nutritional supplements.

  • A document calling for creating a TDP-43 gene therapy, which is modeled after gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy.

  • Certain dewormers for humans, or other products such as dichloroacetic acid, were withdrawn from the market immediately after they were found to have anti-cancer properties. What about Fenbendazole? An article from Nature enlightens us.

  • If oncologists were able to define personalized vaccines, many people would be helped. Here we present a software prototype of a peptide vaccine design tool. This is probably one of the simplest strategies to induce the production of T cells sensitive to certain tumors.

  • Unlike many diseases, there are no official ALS biomarkers. This software prototype shows how to use certain biomarkers to maximize chances of survival to ALS.

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