Peptide finder for cancer vaccine

Our ultimate goal is that oncologists become able to design custom peptide vaccines in minutes.

This web service illustrates this vision. When filled in with relevant information, it is able to design multiple peptides with different profiles (better fit for a given HLA, most immunogenicity, etc.).
This Proof-Of-Concept is obviously a work in progress that does not pretend to have any medical value.

There are many economic and medical roadblocks in the process leading to market authorization.
If oncologists (or their health providers) were able to define vaccines in either the off label use, compassionate or expanded access legal frameworks, lot of people would be helped.

We are focusing here on peptide vaccines because while most of the clinical results using peptide vaccines have been disappointing, a peptide vaccine with
appropriate adjuvants is easy to produce, low cost and probably one of the easiest strategies to induce tumor-responsive T cells in people who are still in good health.
But indeed peptide vaccines can be dangerous too.
Only an oncologist can make sense of what is pertinent for a given patient.
Economically, peptide vaccines make sense, as a few dozen doses of peptides are worth only $500.

Here is a FAQ

The source code is available here.

Targeting cells with a gene mutation

Targeting cells producing a Tumor Specific Antigen

A gene name may look like: "tp53"

A protein or peptide in FASTA format

A mutation designation may look like: "A159V" (in the position 159
of the sequence of the protein generated by this gene, a "A"
had been replaced by a "V")

What kind of mutations are processed?
* Single point mutations are supported, like in "A159V".
* Insertions and frameshift mutations are not supported in this version of the tool.

HLA types

You might enter HLA types into the HLA text area below.
To input several HLA types, use comma (,) to separate each type.
For instance: "HLA-A02:03,HLA-A24:02,HLA-B40:01,HLA-C07:02".
However this is optional and can be left empty.
In this case, common HLA types will be automatically inserted.

Click the "Submit" button in order to get a list of suggested peptides that can be considered used in a personalized therapeutic vaccine.
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