Psychoplastogenic DYRK1A Inhibitors with Therapeutic Effects Relevant to Alzheimer's Disease.

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Tauopathy, neuronal atrophy, and psychological impairments are hallmarks of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, that currently lack efficacious clinical treatments capable of rectifying these issues. To address these unmet needs, the authors used rational drug design to combine the pharmacophores of DYRK1A inhibitors and isoDMTs to develop psychoplastogenic DYRK1A inhibitors. Using this approach, the authors discovered a nonhallucinogenic compound capable of promoting cortical neuron growth and suppressing tau hyperphosphorylation while also having the potential to mitigate the biological and psychological symptoms of dementia. Together, authors' results suggest that hybridization of the DYRK1A and psychoplastogen pharmacophores represents a promising strategy for identifying compounds that might address the cognitive as well as the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

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