Navigating the gut-bone axis: The pivotal role of Coprococcus3 in osteoporosis prevention through Mendelian randomization.

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Recent investigations have illuminated a profound interlink between gut microbiota and bone metabolism, thereby opening new avenues for probing the causal relationship between GM and OP. Employing Mendelian randomization as the investigative tool, this study delves into the causal rapport between 211 varieties of GM and OP. The data are culled from genome-wide association studies conducted by the MiBioGen consortium, in tandem with OP genetic data gleaned from the UK Biobank, BioBank Japan Project, and the FinnGen database. A comprehensive repertoire of statistical methodologies, encompassing inverse-variance weighting, weighted median, Simple mode, Weighted mode, and MR-Egger regression techniques, was adroitly harnessed for meticulous analysis. Subsequent to rigorous scrutiny via heterogeneity and sensitivity analyses, these findings corroborate the causal nexus between GM and OP. Facilitated by MR, this study successfully elucidates the causal underpinning binding GM and OP, thereby endowing invaluable insights for deeper exploration into the pivotal role of GM in the pathogenesis of OP.

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