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On the 14th November Alsnewstoday published a bizarre story about a person who supposedly healed from ALS with an unspecified regimen at Lifestyle Healing Institute.

There is no scientific publication about this case even if the post tells a scientific publication may be written in the future with Florida Gulf Coast University. Yet a quick search on Pubmed shows no publication on ALS in this small university, so FGCU may not have someone working on this disease.

Lifestyle Healing Institute is not a medical institute, it is unclear what is the scientific basis behind this "institute". They claim to have a "patended" method, yet a search in patent database does not return anything with Lifestyle Healing Institute as assignee.

It is possible there are some revert cases of ALS. I once discuss with someone who told they were able to revert the "pre-ALS" case of their father mostly by changing his diet. Another person told on a forum they reverted their case simply by becoming obese and when later they decided to thin a bit, symptoms reappeared. And many studies tell that the less dangerous BMI for ALS patients is 27, which is being overweight.

However it is a bit surprising that a patient is diagnosed with ALS if the symptoms are simply "difficulty using his hands" and change of gait. ALS is not something mild, it kills most of patients in a few years. So one can wonder if this person does not have ALS, but something closer to Parkinsonism. Despite the textbooks describing very different diseases, in real life at the beginning of the disease they might look similar. Parkinsonism has been reverted in mice through an adapted diet.

Finally it is interesting to note that ALsnewstoday is published by BioNews, Inc. As their website tells, BioNews business model is to funnel "hard to reach" patients to clinical trials or commercial organizations.

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